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Volunteers Needed for Mother's Day 5K!

If you are interested in Volunteering or being in a larger Management Role. Please see below. Volunteer Signup - Here! Please sign up and share, share, share!! If you are interested in being in a larger role, please email Emily Birdsall - emilyjobirdsall@gmail.com!

We would love support in:

  • Volunteer Management - This is where you will be the Main Point of Contact for all the volunteers that have signed up. 
  • Mothers Day Gift Management - This is where you will take all of our Mothers Day Gifts and make sure they are wrapped and nicely placed by the Gift Table. 
  • Check In and Registration Management - This is where you will "manage" and oversee that this table and volunteers are running smoothly. Greeting runners and ensuring that everyone is smiling.

There will be an all hands on deck meeting the week of May 8th.  Check your email for more details.


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