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Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning Overview

Approaches to Learning focuses on giving students the tools to take responsibility for their own learning.  These skills include planning, organizing and teaching skills and practices that students require to become successful learners, while building on prior knowledge.  It is imperative that student learn not only generic tools for learning but those that are subject-specific skills as well as.  A well defined Approaches to Learning framework will help develop the attitudes needed to make learning effective.

Key Questions to be Utilized:

What organizational tools do I have?

What aspects of my organization do I need to develop?

How can I best organize myself?

How do I work with others?

What successes have I had when I have worked with others?

How can I work with others; how can they work with me?

What communication tools do I use?

Which ways of communicating do I need to improve on?

How can I better communicate my understanding?

How can I access information?

How do I know if the information is reliable?

What will I do with this information?

How do I reflect?

How have my reflections helped me learn?

What other reflections tools and resources can help me?

How do I think?

What tools can help me think in different ways?

What planning tools do I have?


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