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Traffic Safety

In the interest of student, parent, & staff safety PLEASE:

• Slow down.
• Drop-off/pick-up students at designated times & places.
• PULL FORWARD in the drop-off/pick-up area. Remember PULL FORWARD.
• Yield to pedestrians & crossing guards in crosswalks.
• DO NOT BLOCK the roadway, bicycle lanes, handicap spaces, bus entrances, or driveways.
• NO parking, stopping, or standing at RED CURBS .
• DO NOT make u-turns on streets around the school.

• Bicycles should use bicycle lanes & obey traffic laws.
• Dismount your bicycle/skateboard on the sidewalk in front of the school & walk.
• Secure your bicycle/skateboard on the racks at the north side of the school.

• Use crosswalks.
• Make eye contact with drivers prior to crossing