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Traffic Safety

In the interest of student, parent, & staff safety, please:


  • SLOW DOWN. The city street speed limit is 25 mph. School zones are 20 mph.
  • Drop-off/pick-up students at DESIGNATED TIMES (10 minutes before/after start/dismissal bells) & places (parent drop off/pick up lane on Ellis St. eastside of building).
  • Drop off/pick up students on the LESHER SIDE OF THE STREET so they don't have to cross the street. If they need to cross the street have them use the crosswalk.
  • PULL FORWARD in the drop-off/pick-up area. Its helps everyone if you PULL FORWARD. Remember, please PULL FORWARD.
  • Yield to pedestrians & crossing guards in crosswalks.
  • DO NOT BLOCK the roadway, bicycle lanes, handicap spaces, bus entrances, or driveways.
  • NO PARKING, stopping, or standing at RED CURBS.
  • Turn your vehicle off while waiting for your child(ren). NO IDLING.
  • DO NOT MAKE UTURNS on streets around the school.



  • Bicycles should use BIKE LANES & obey traffic laws.
  • DISMOUNT your bicycle/skateboard on the sidewalk IN FRONT OF SCHOOL MAIN ENTRANCE & walk (Stover St.).
  • SECURE your bicycle/skateboard on the RACKS at the north side of the school (Lake St.).



  • Make EYE CONTACT with drivers prior to crossing.


* Click this link for more information on Safe Routes to School.


traffic safety