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Staff Name Position E-Mail Phone
Bergmann, Angela Individuals & Societies (Social Studies) 7/8 abergman@psdschools.org 472-3825
Buttice, Dominic English Language Development 6-8 dbuttice@psdschools.org 472-3820
Carrillo, Veronica Family Liaison veronicc@psdschools.org 472-3853
Champagne, Alice Visual Arts 6-8 achampagne@psdschools.org 472-3862
Crossland, Lisa 7th Grade Dean/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Coordinator lcrossla@psdschools.org 472-3850
Davis, Margaret English/Social Studies 6 madavis@psdschools.org 472-3857
Dawkins, Sherise Design (Computer Science) sdawkins@psdschools.org 472-3847
Del Muro, Heidi In-House Substitute hdelmuro@psdschools.org
Downing, Karen Registrar kdowning@psdschools.org 472-3804
Firks, Michelle Itinerate mfirks@psdschools.org 472-3872
Flippen, Jennifer Media Specialist jflippen@psdschools.org 472-3811
Fontana, Traci English/Social Studies 6 tfontana@psdschools.org
Freemyer, Sarah Science 8 sfreemye@psdschools.org 472-3833
Gilbert, Megan Integrated Services (Special Ed.) 6 mgilbert@psdschools.org 472-3856
Giza, Natalie 6th Grade Math and Science ngiza@psdschools.org 472-3821
Heersche, Joey Math 8 jheersche@psdschools.org 472-3876
Heiser, Marc Assistant Principal mheiser@psdschools.org 472-3802
Hirschfield, Nicole Gifted & Talented Site Coordinator nhirschfield@psdschools.org
Holubar, Petr Spanish Literacy 6-8 pholubar@psdschools.org 472-3839
Holwegner, Steve 7th Grade Math Teacher sholwegner@psdschools.org 472-3826
Howe, Heather Paraprofessional hhowe@psdschools.org 472-3831
Huffman, Megan Spanish 6-8 mhuffman@psdschools.org 472-3837
Jennings, Jennifer English/Literacy jjennings@psdschools.org 472-3868
Jones, Kaitlyn English 8 kaitlynj@psdschools.org 472-3867
Klitch, Felicia Attendance Secretary fklitch@psdschools.org 472-3816
Knips, Rebecca Educational Technology Coordinator, IB Coordinator rknips@psdschools.org 472-3840
Kochis, Deana Assistant Principal dkochis@psdschools.org 472-3854
Kotnik, Don Principal dkotnik@psdschools.org 472-3810
Lamb, Jeannie Office Manager jeanniem@psdschools.org 472-3803
Lang, Conner Math 7 clang@psdschools.org 472-3860
Mayer, Benjamin Science 7, IB Coordinator bmayer@psdschools.org 472-3829
Mitchell, Matthew Integrated Services (Special Ed.) 8 mmitchell@psdschools.org 472-3836
Moeller, Matthew Physical & Health Education 6-8 mmoeller@psdschools.org 472-3845
Munoz, Meghan Performing Arts Band & Orchestra 6-8 mmunoz@psdschools.org 472-3813
Ney-Hawley, Abby Physical & Health Education 6-8 aney@psdschools.org 472-3844
Obluda, Loni Performing Arts (Orchestra & Band) 6-8 lobluda@psdschools.org 472-3882
Paroz, Natala Mental Health Specialist nparoz@psdschools.org 472-3852
Pearse, Allison English 7 apearse@psdschools.org 472-3827
Peitz, Eric Science 7/8 epeitz@psdschools.org 472-3835
Pendergast, Monica Performing Arts (Choir) 6-8 mpendergast@psdschools.org 472-3846
Renzoni, Chriss Head Custodian crenozoni@psdschools.org
Reyes, Andrew English/Social Studies 6 areyes@psdschools.org 472-3879
Richey, Addie 6th Grade Math and Science arichey@psdschools.org 472-3859
Roth, Lauren Athletics Secretary laurenr@psdschools.org 472-3801
Schumann, Noel Paraprofessional nschumann@psdschools.org 472-3856
Scroggins, Pamela Integrated Services pscroggi@psdschools.org 472-3831
Sietsma, Nicole Math 8 nsietsma@psdschools.org 472-3818
Silvas, Matt Individuals & Societies (Social Studies) 8 msilvas@psdschools.org 472-3843
Simonton, Riley Itinerate Speech rileys@psdschools.org 472-3872
Smith, Richard School Nurse richards@psdschools.org 472-3807
Spear, Becca Math/Science 6 rspear@psdschools.org 472-3838
Sprenger, Jennifer Cafeteria Manager jsprenger@psdschools.org 472-3848
Summers, Krista 7th Grade Counselor kristas@psdschools.org 472-3851
Sutton, Amanda Design (Applied Technology Ed.) asutton@psdschools.org 472-3861
Swann, Joshua English/Social Studies 6 jswann@psdschools.org 472-3819
Theisen, Tony Math 7 ttheisen@psdschools.org 472-3826
Thompson, Julia Spanish 6-8 juliat@psdschools.org 472-3841
Traver, Zac 6th Grade Counselor ztraver@psdschools.org 472-3852
Tucci, Cathy Health Technician ctucci@psdschools.org 970-472-3807
Turner, Jessie English/Social Studies 6 jturner@psdschools.org 472-3855
Vallance, Claude French 6-8 cvallance@psdschools.org 472-3837
VanRoekel, Ryan Math/Science 6 rvanroekel@psdschools.org 472-3869
Wald, Janie 8th Grade Counselor jwald@psdschools.org 472-3877
Warchola, Gary German 6-8 gwarchola@psdschools.org 472-3814
Webb, Kelly School Psychologist kwebb@psdschools.org 472-3830
Weiss, Amy Math/Science 6 aweiss@psdschools.org 472-3849
Weissman, Kirsten Integrated Services (Special Ed.) 7 kweissman@psdschools.org 472-3836
Wilson, Natasha Math 8 natashaw@psdschools.org 472-3824
Wind, Annie Individuals & Societies (Social Studies) 7 annew@psdschools.org 472-3870
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.