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School History

School Colors

Brown and Yellow (1960 - 1989)

The story behind our school colors dates back to 1960. When Lesher was built in the then new neighborhood of University Acres, so named because Lesher’s 10 acre site is on the former ground of Colorado State University’s farm (that’s why the neighborhood streets are named for former CSU presidents, i.e. Edwards, Lory, Green, Newsom, Ellis, Morgan, etc.), brown-eyed susans, a flower native to northern Colorado, grew wild on the property. The school board and community were so impressed with the beauty and colors (brown and yellow) of the flowers that they decided to select them as Lesher’s official school colors. In addition, the Denver Broncos football team opened their first year of competition in the old American Football League (AFL) in the fall of 1960 and their original team colors were also brown and yellow. It's been said that the excitement around the new brown and yellow Broncos football team may have also contributed to Lesher's original school colors!

Navy Blue and Prairie Gold (1989 - present)

During the 1988-89 school year the students voted to change the school colors from brown and yellow to blue and gold. Evidently, the student body found brown and yellow to be unappealing and too similar to the colors of Colorado State’s rival 65 miles to the northwest… the University of Wyoming. Some say this decision contributed to what is known as the border war, the term used to describe the athletic rivalry between CSU and the University of Wyoming (the longest rivalry in each school's history dating back to 1893) celebrated most notably since 1968 by the awarding of the Bronze Boot traveling trophy to the winner of the annual football game. The bronzed battle boot was worn in Vietnam by CSU alumnus Dan Romero.

David B. Lesher

Lesher Middle School was named after longtime PSD staff member David B. Lesher. Watch a YouTube special about him as part of their Living History program! Hosted by local historian Wayne Sundburg, the 14th Annual Cemetery Stroll of Fort Collins was held at The Grandview Cemetery. This is the resting place of countless extraordinary people. Local actors highlight the accomplishments of each individual showcased in the stroll. This is David Lesher portrayed by Richard Cox. The Cemetery Stroll is a benefit held annually to support programs and services at the Fort Collins Senior Center.

Thursday is "Thor's day"

Every Thursday during the school year Lesher students and staff are encouraged to show their school pride and wear their navy blue and prairie gold. The etymology of the word Thursday is derived from the Old English Þūnresdæg and Middle English Thuresday, which means "Thor's day."

Thor (our friendly mascot)

The Viking embodies the characteristics of strength, spirit, intelligence, and the pursuit of excellence. Upon arriving as Lesher’s new principal in 2005, only the 5th principal in 45 years, Tom Dodd purchased a Viking costume to encourage school spirit. Student council sponsor Janna Petersen organized a naming contest that fall with “Thor” the winning submission by student council co-presidents Lars Eriksen and Maddie Eckles. Student council then organized tryouts to chose a student to annually don the costume for quarterly pep rallies, and other important promotional and athletic events. In an effort to modernize Lesher’s visual identity we began the widespread use of our current Viking helmet logo (along with the International Baccalaureate - IB) on all of our letterhead and clothing in 2006.

Prominent Lesher Alumni

  • Chip Beake, 85', former 13-year NFL coach (Saints, Broncos, Cowboys, & Barcelona Dragons- NFL Europe), 5-year college coach (Kentucky, Oklahoma, Colorado School of Mines, & McPherson College, KS), current State Farm agent in Old Town Fort Collins
  • Chris Beake, former NFL coach (Seahawks, Browns, 49ers, Falcons, Broncos, and Rams)
  • Jeff Donaldson, former NFL player with Houston Oilers & Atlanta Falcons
  • Ryan Sutter, winning bachelor on the hit reality TV show Bachelorette
  • Kevin Unger, President/CEO, UCHealth





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