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​The 40 Book Challenge!

Lesher students and staff will be taking on the 40 Book Challenge again this school year. This is an annual event creating and encouraging life-long readers through this individual challenge.  The 40 Book Challenge runs from May 1st each year to April 30th the following year. Students and staff are asked to read as many books from as many different genres as possible. We know that 40 books is a lofty goal, so there will be prizes awarded to students who reach 10, 20, 30, and 40 books. This isn’t just an individual challenge, but a school wide challenge too. Grade levels and Language and Literature classes will also compete for the most books read. We will hold a celebration each May to award prizes, announce our top readers, and talk about books to read next summer!

To participate in the challenge, go to the Lesher Reading Log link below and save a copy to your Google Drive. Every time you finish a book, update your Reading Log with the book title, author, and genre. Turn in your Reading Log to your Language and Literature teacher by the end of April to be eligible for prizes. Talk with your Language and Literature teacher for more details and different types of reading logs to track your progress. Happy reading!

Lesher Reading Log: Use the Chrome browser and log into your PSD Google account before using this link



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