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Evaluation Process

Programme evaluation is both a requirement and a service provided by the IB Organization to IB World Schools. The aim is for the IB to ensure on a regular basis that the standards and practices of the programmes are being maintained. Programme evaluation engages all stakeholders within the school community in a process of formal reflection and documentation of their development. This allows the IB to provide an detailed assessment of the school’s development of the programme and to identify areas where additional attention is required. It provides a broad look at the programme implementation in the school and does not seek to appraise or assess individual teachers or students. The evaluation process occurs every five years after authorization

Within this process, there are certain expectations for the school and for the IB, which are described below.

The school is expected: (during it's self study year)

  • to undertake its own assessment of the implementation of the programme, according to the Programme standards and practices and programme requirements
  • to identify major achievements during the period under review and to identify practices that need further development.

The IB is expected:

  • to analyse and evaluate the school’s implementation of the programme, according to the Programme standards and practices and programme requirements

  • to commend schools on practices that address the Programme standards and practices in ways that solve challenges faced by the school and/or show outstanding implementation

  • to provide guidance on enhancing the implementation of the programme in the school

  • to point out areas within a school’s practice that, if not addressed immediately, will jeopardize the integrity of the programme and thus the school’s entitlement to be considered an IB World School.


Timeline Action Item
  • IB launches "Next Chapter" that includes major shifts in MYP dynamics, including: 
    • Re-naming subject areas
    • Removing Areas of Interaction and adding Global Contexts
    • Introducing key and related concepts, and statements of inquiry
    • Shifting all 8 subjects to a 4 criteria model with all criteria evaluated on a 1-8 scale

2014-15 School Year


  • Professional development with Lou Marchesano to reevaluate Lesher's assessment practices. 

  • Staff begin implementing IB assessment procedures on a comfort-level basis. 

May-September 2015


  • Tom, Jenna, and Becky meet with Poudre IT and Edupoint support systems to design and launch a new gradebook system that supports IB assessment practices. 

October 2015

  • Student Led Conferences focused around performance in IB Criteria in all 8 subjects.
  • Parents and students receive first IB report card. 
January - March 2016
  • Staff work to adjust existing policies/create new policies to support IB requirements. 
  • Surveys delivered to staff and parents to gather feedback for self-study questionnaire. 
April -May 2016
  • Parents and students asked to provide feedback on policy documents so that any final adjustments can be made. 
  • Final policy documents released
June 2016
  • Self study documents submitted with Lincoln and Poudre High School to IB for review
  • Feedback provided to PSD IT and Edupoint on gradebook system so that it can be adjusted, if need be, for 2016-2017 school year.
Summer 2016
  • Ongoing staff development around IBMYP teaching and learning
  • Continued preparation for IB site visitors. 
Fall 2016
  • Specific date TBD, Evaluation visit from IB to verify self study documentation. 

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