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Assessment & Grading

These resources speak to both CO Standards-Based grading practices and IB Criterion-Related practices.

Tom Dodd's NASSP Center for Principal Leadership Expert of the Week 2-3-17 blog post on grading and reporting practices: 

Lesher IB Criterion-related Grading Parent Letter ENGLISH 9-10-20

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About How Authentically You Assess Students

IBMYP Criteria At A Glance

IBMYP General Performance Level Descriptors for IB Criterion-related Report Card Key

Lesher IBMYP Approaches to Learning (AtL) Work Habits Report Card Rubric English-Spanish

Lesher IBMYP Approaches to Learning (AtL) Work Habits 3-Page Rubric

IBMYP Approaches to Learning (AtL) Continuum Document - May 2013

MYP: From Principles into Practice (Assessment For Learning pages 78 - 92)

PSD 8th Grade 3-Column IBMYP Sample Report Card 11-17-14 DRAFT

Lesher CCSS-CAS & IB Teaching, Learning, & Reporting Agreements 2014-15

PSD IBMYP Assessment Policy 2012


Alternatives article by Guskey

Effective Grading article by Reeves

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