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USS Colorado Submarine Crew Members Visit Lesher

Archive Date: 
Friday, June 07th, 2019

​Lesher was honored to have sailors from the USS Colorado nuclear submarine present to Lesher students from Ms. Wind, Ms. Dinkins, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Davis classes in the Lesher Media Center the morning of Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The Navy presenters were:

  • Lt (jg) Anthony Matus
  • Lt (jg) Tim Bell
  • MMN1 Chris Gutierrez
  • FN Albert Rodríguez

The presentation was awesomely informative, our students asked fantastic questions that were answered fully and professionally by the sailors. It was a great experience and opportunity for our school to be visited by these US Service Personnel! We sincerely thank them!

Interesting Information:

  • Subs can be under water for 30 years without needing anything, and are only limited by the amount of food they can carry
  • Can go up to 800 ft below water
  • $2.6 billion machine operated by predominately 18-26 year olds
  • Each member of the crew spent roughly 2 years in a classroom learning nuclear theory, physics, math, chemistry, and more!
  • Nuclear subs are nearly completely self-sufficient (never need to be refueled for the life of the ship, create their own drinking water from the ocean, and create their own air)!
  • XBox controllers are used to control parts of the submarine (b/c they only cost $30 to replace as opposed to the old controller which was $10K)! 
  • Sonar Systems are extremely high-tech and try to replicate a whale’s capability (i.e. whales can communicate from the Bahamas to Scotland)!
  • When missiles are launched from under water, they come out in a bubble of air and never get wet!
  • Shrimp are actually really noisy, and they sound like the snapping of fingers!
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