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Lesher Futbol Club First Game!

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Friday, May 11th, 2018

Congratulations on Lesher's Futbol Club first game, and thank you for all your support and interest in developing an affordable soccer club for our students! Thank you to coaches Ben Mayer, Jen Dinkins, Becca Spear, and Josh Swann for helping organize the Futbol Club and a special shout out to the Gardening Club and Eric Peitz for donating some matching shirts for Lesher’s very first soccer match yesterday.

Our club learned a lot from our first game and our established opponents. We have a lot of room for growth! Lincoln’s boys and girls soccer teams have been playing in a northern Colorado league the last two years, and we hope to join the same league sometime in the future. Please continue encouraging students to join Lesher's Futbol Club and congratulate our players on their first game!

Go Vikings!

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