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Parent-Teacher Conferences 11/10 & 11/12

Parent-Teacher Conferences via Microsoft Teams or Google Meets

Tuesday, November 10 and Thursday, November 12 from 3-7PM

  1. Go to our new Lesher website: https://les.psdschools.org/.
  2. Click on the Parent/StudentVUE link and login to view your child’s class schedule.
  3. Click on the Teacher Learning Pages link, then each Grade Level and/or Department links and then each Teacher’s Learning Page (https://les.psdschools.org/departments-and-teams) for each period in their schedule.
  4. Click on “Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-up” for each teacher you would like to have a 5-minute conference.
  5. On November 10 or November 12, from your child’s laptop, join each teacher with your child through Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. Your child’s teachers will contact you at the time you signed-up. If you need additional time, please email the teacher directly to setup a meeting on another day.