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  • CROSS-COUNTRY (6, 7 & 8), FOOTBALL (7 & 8), TENNIS (6, 7 & 8), VOLLEYBALL (Girls 7 & 8) Spanish


  • BASKETBALL (Boys 7 & 8), WRESTLING (6,7 & 8), BASKETBALL (Girls 7 & 8)


  • UNIFIED BASKETBALL (6, 7, 8), SOFTBALL (Girls 7 & 8), GOLF (6, 7 & 8), TRACK & FIELD (6, 7 & 8)

2022-23 Athletic schedules


  • Cross Country, 7th Grade Football, 8th Grade Football, Varsity Tennis, Junior Varsity Tennis, 7th Grade Volleyball, 8th Grade Volleyball


  • 7th Grade Boys Basketball, 8th Grade Boys Basketball, 7th & 8th Grade Wrestling, 7th Grade Girls Basketball, 8th Grade Girls Basketball, Unified Basketball


  • VARSITY SOFTBALL (Girls 7 & 8) JV SOFTBALL (Girls 7 & 8), GIRLS GOLF (6, 7 & 8), BOYS GOLF (6, 7 & 8), TRACK & FIELD (6, 7 & 8)

2022-2023 Athletic Updates

The Poudre School District Athletic Department is excited to announce changes to Middle School athletic programming beginning in the fall of 2022.  


  • 6th graders will now have opportunities to compete in all individual sports. This includes cross country, golf, track, as well as the additions of tennis and wrestling. 
  • Football, Basketball, and Volleyball will be moving to a mixed-grade Varsity/JV/C/C-team model as opposed to 7th and 8th grade teams (as currently constructed). Softball, and all individual sports referenced above are currently operating under the Varsity/JV/C/C-team model.


  • Increased number of athletic opportunities for 6th grade students.
  • Allows athletes to compete and receive instruction at the appropriate level, regardless of grade.

  • Provides flexibility for those schools with extremely high/low participation numbers.

  • Creates one consistent competitive model across all sports within the PSD Middle School Athletic League. 

  • Sub-Varsity competition opportunities will be increased.

  • Total program roster size will be increased in basketball and volleyball.

Awards & Recognition

2015-22 CHAMP School of Character!

Every year we recognize about 30 students with Character Awards after being nominated by their coaches!

Every year Lesher sports teams create and message Character Development Plans!

2017 CHAMP Breakfast - 3 Lesher students and 3 Lesher coaches recognized for their Positive Character!

2016 CHAMP Breakfast – presented what the coaches are doing at Lesher to 500 community members!

2015 PSD Winter Sportsmanship Award- 1st school to receive this award along with Blevins MS!

Lesher 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 PSD Wrestling District Champions!

The Lesher Viking Wrestling team, led by Head Coach Matthew Moeller and assistant coaches Orth, Moore, Agnew, Ritter and Oldenburg, have dominated PSD wrestling in the past 6 years winning 5 of 6 District Wrestling titles! Our athletes show resilience and grit, win with humility and lose with grace, and consistently walk with positive character as part of Lesher Middle School’s CHAMP School of Character focus. We have had, on average, 10 top 4 wrestlers from the 16 weight classes each year! When a student wins 1st place/District Athletic Title in an individual sport at Lesher they get their picture on our Wall of Champions, and teams are commemorated with their team picture on our Wall of Champions, we add a year to the team championship banner in the main gym, give each team member a championship t-shirt, and recognize the team at a whole school pep assembly! Way to go grapplers and Go Vikings!

Lesher 8th Grade Girls Basketball 2018 District Champions!

Congratulations to the 8th grade girls' basketball team on winning the 2018 District Championship game 35-24 over undefeated Preston! The Vikings were hungry for this win after ending their 7th grade season as district runners-up (by 3 points!) to Preston last year. They played an outstanding game and showed tremendous hustle and determination in front of 200 Viking fans at Rocky Mountain High School on Thursday, March 8th and took 1st place in PSD! Not only did they win districts, they also showed positive character throughout the game and their entire season! We're proud of you and Congratulations Vikings!

Lesher 2015-22 CHAMP School of Character! 

Lesher Middle School has been teamed up with CHAMP (Character in Athletics- Make it a Priority; http://champfc.com/) for MANY years and we are recognized as a “CHAMP School of Character!” In addition, as part of our CHAMP commitment, every Lesher athletic team recognizes an athlete that is the epitome of positive character. These students are nominated for going above and beyond and have demonstrated a track record of positive character in their sport AND academically, behaviorally, and socially as students at Lesher. We have recognized over 20 students this year and the following 4 students were invited and recognized at CHAMP’s Annual Breakfast of Champions at the Hilton on January 28! CONGRATULATIONS to this group of amazing student-athletes! Go Vikings!

Alejandra (Ali) Gomez; 8th grade female representative from the Lesher Cross Country Running team

Ali's work ethic and determination make her a leader among her teammates.  Her daily practice routine and competition focus is an example for all to follow.  She sets high expectations for her personal work ethic and growth as an athlete, while also being a caring and supportive person of everyone that she is around.  Ali has a bright future in cross country and track and field and will make an immediate impact at the high school level.  Ali has been a top place finisher each of her 3 years at Lesher in Cross Country, and a PSD District podium winner in the mile and 800 for 2 years as well.  I am so proud to get to coach her and be around her. She makes us all better. Jo Dixon, Lesher Cross Country Running Assistant Coach.

Avery Swanson; 8th grade male representative from the Lesher Cross Country Running team

Avery is a model athlete whose character is the epitome of contrasts.  He runs a fine line between challenging others to give more than they thought they could and then finding the humor in a moment.  One moment Avery is lightheartedly making connections with others and the next he is bringing out their best effort.  It is not unusual to find Avery smiling or laughing after the toughest workouts than would bring most athletes to exhaustion.  It is his nature to nurture while getting those around him to perform. He can connect with anyone, from 6th grader to coach, and this makes him an adaptable and model leader to everyone on the team.  He looks out for those around him and finds ways to connect with others.  Avery is reflective and is constantly improving himself.  Since his 6th grade year on the team, Avery has worked his way to the front of the pack – and he has done so with a smile. Ben Mayer, Lesher Cross Country Running Head Coach.

Griffey Caro; 7th grade female representative from the Lesher Cross Country Running team

Griffey joined the Cross Country Running team this year and has had an oversized impact on the team.  She is a courageous leader.  Griffey doesn’t know how to not give her best effort in anything she pursues, and that is evident in Cross Country Running.  Through her work ethic, Griffey quickly became one of our fastest runners and an integral part of the team.  She sets the model and others follow.  Griffey also has a unique ability to connect with almost anyone, from 6th grader to adult, male or female.  This makes her influence spread far beyond herself.  Others are drawn to her simply because of her kind demeanor and honest personality. Griffey is also a model in the classroom.  She is a respectful student who brings others up.  In an out of the classroom, Griffey is a positive leader that we all can look up to and follow. Ben Mayer, Lesher Cross Country Running Head Coach.

Yastin Morales; 8th Grade Football

It is with great pride and honor that the football staff nominates Yastin Morales as our team’s CHAMP Outstanding Student-Athlete. Yastin’s selflessness and unselfish mentality has magnified his qualities as a leader on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. Yastin’s attendance and disciplinary track record exemplify his constant pursuit to not only better himself, but also those around him as he models hard work and commitment through every challenge he undertakes. Yastin can be found consistently picking up is teammates and opponents through his actions of integrity and discipline. Yastin is a leader whose presence and work ethic demand respect. He never fails to express gratitude to each of his coaches after practice and competition regardless of the outcome. Yastin Morales is a leader among leaders and exemplifies what it means to be a champion of character, setting the bar for all other young men to follow. Lee Oldenburg; 8th Grade Head Coach.

Past winners of Team CHAMP Awards

  • Julia Herndon, Cross Country, Coach Mayer
  • Davis Lowe, Cross Country, Coach Dixon
  • RJ McLaren, 7th Grade Football, Coach Peitz
  • Collin Hix, 8th Grade Football, Coach Oldenburg
  • Hailey Clark, 7th Grade Volleyball, Coach Tripam
  • Olivia Deines, 8th Grade Volleyball , Coach Martin
  • Seth Bylund, Intramurals, Sponsor Buttice
  • Ally Meland, Varsity Tennis , Coach Ramirez
  • Levi Levad, JV Blue Tennis, Coach Mitchell
  • Jerica Engle, JV Gold Tennis, Coach Wilms

Varsity Tennis - Ally Meland, JV Tennis - Mia Dotson, JV Tennis - Taya Brickner, 7th grade Football - Colton Littlewood, 8th grade Football - Joseph Vasseur, Cross Country - Kevin Conlon, Cross Country - Vaughn Reschenberg, Intramurals - John Loehr, 7th grade Volleyball - Olivia Deines and 8th grade Volleyball - Maggie Henson
Thank you all for supporting positive character and CONGRATULATIONS to this group of amazing student-athletes!

7th Grade Girls Volleyball Undefeated 2016 District Champions!

Congratulations to the 7th Grade Volleyball team for their unbeaten season (11-0) and District Championship win on Saturday 10/17/2015!

Lesher 8th Grade Football 2014 District Champions!

On Saturday morning, 10/24, Lesher played Blevins in the first annual 2014 8th Grade Football Championship at French Field. In previous seasons the district middle school football champion was awarded based on the best record of 9 football playing schools after an 8 game regular season. Thanks largely to the work of new Poudre School District Athletic Director, Ron Alexander, we’ve begun a +1 annual 8th grade championship game for the middle schools.

Game notes: A great crowd and Lesher’s pep band was on hand in beautiful weather Saturday to watch an awesome game between two well-coached middle school football teams. Lesher came in at 7-1, the #1 seed, the undefeated defending 7th grade champions from 2013, and carrying a two year record of 15-1 with back-to-back regular season championships. Blevins also entered the game at 7-1 this year, the #2 seed, and last year’s 7th grade runners up with a two-year record of 13-3.

Game highlights: Lesher’s Baxter Tuggle scored on a 1st quarter touchdown run with Landon Correll notching the 2 point conversion to make the score 8-0. The first half was a very close defensive battle, with Lesher still ahead 8-0 at halftime. A 32 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter by Lesher’s Alec Fronapfel made the score 11-0. Late in the 3rd quarter the Vikings Eddie Carabajal recovered a fumble on the 5 yard line resulting in an Omado Tovar running touchdown, and Collin Siegfried’s pass to Landon Correll for the 2 point conversion made it 19-0. In the final quarter Landon Correll ran in another score, but the conversion failed. The final score was Lesher Vikings 25, Blevins Bruins 0. The Lesher defense also played great in holding a very strong Blevins offense scoreless!

Volleyball Camps & Club Volleyball Information

I have had several players and parents ask me about off-season opportunities to play volleyball and be involved. I have attached a couple of flyers with this e-mail, and below are some links that you may be interested in. I strongly encourage players to play volleyball (together is even better) in the off season! If we want to be competitive, we need to play as much as other teams! If we have enough interest in some of these team camps I would love to coach one over the summer! Please let me know if you have any questions!

NORCO Volleyball Club/Camps: http://www.norcovolleyball.com/

Premier Volleyball Club: http://www.premier-volleyball.com/

Colorado Juniors Volleyball Club: http://www.coloradojuniors.com/

DU Volleyball Camps: http://www.duvolleyballcamps.com/

Front Range Volleyball Club: http://www.frvbc.com/



Lesher offers a wide variety of clubs that students have the opportunity to participate in. Students are encouraged to sign up for a club that fits their interests. A wide range of clubs from Science Olympiad to our student-run television show, KLIB, are popular with our students. Join one today!



Lesher has a rich tradition in athletics, with many individuals and teams garnering District Championships. Lesher’s competitive athletic teams compete against 8 other PSD middle schools in these 17 sports:

6th grade- boys and girls cross country, boys and girls golf, and boys and girls track and field, and other sports through the City of Fort Collins Recreation Department.

7th and 8th grade- boys and girls cross country, boys and girls tennis, coed football, coed wrestling, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys and girls golf, and boys and girls track and field. Seasons are approximately 7 weeks long.

There are several opportunities for your child to participate in sports at Lesher. Please contact Marc Heiser, athletic director, if you have any questions at mheiser@psdschools.org or 472-3802.

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