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Lesher's Genius Week!                   June 3rd - 7th, 2019

Who: This ​June ​enrichment ​opportunity ​is ​designed ​for motivated, high-achieving, and/or GT identified students, ​grades ​5 ​through ​8!

What:  This is an opportunity to serve students who want to go above and beyond for a week in the summer!  Classes will emphasize creativity, inquiry, and deep thinking.

When: June 3 - 7, 2019
Classes ​are ​offered ​in ​1.5 and ​3 hour sessions.

Schedule:  Morning session: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
                  (8:30-10:00 ​& ​10:00-11:30 ​for ​1.5 ​hour ​sessions)
                  Lunch: 11:35 - 12:10
                  Afternoon session: 12:15 PM - 3:15 PM
                  ​(12:15-1:45 ​& ​1:45-3:15 ​for ​1.5 ​hour ​sessions)

Where:  Aboard the Viking Ship, here at Lesher!

Cost:  $350 for the full week, full day *
          $200 for the full week, half day * 
Half price for "Free & Reduced" eligible students with a waiver.
* For PSD Students that qualify for a fee waiver, reduced pricing is available. To find out if your student has a fee waiver on file, contact Jeannie Mitchell at Lesher Middle School at jeanniem@psdschools.org or 970-472-3872. For more information about the fee waiver process, click: www.psdschools.org/fees


Registration & Payment:

  • Registration begins February 15 and closes May 21, 2019.

  • Your student's registration will be considered complete once you submit the registration form and complete payment.  You may pay by credit card using PSD SchoolPay.  A 3.35% convenience fee will be included. See PSD SchoolPay Instructions (pdf)  ♦|♦  PSD SchoolPay Web Page

  • Alternatively, you may pay via check to avoid the convenience fee.  Checks may be made payable to Lesher Middle School, with "Genius Week" and the attendee’s name in the memo line.  Also, you may pay in cash in Lesher’s front office - please do not mail cash.


Check/Money Order payments are sent to:
Jeannie Mitchell
c/o Lesher Middle School
1400 Stover Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

If assistance is needed with registration, contact Lisa Crossland 970-472-3830 - lcrossla@psdschools.org
Si usted necesita ayuda para registrarse por favor contacte a la Enlace Familiar de Español, Veronica Carrillo en oficina 970-472-3852 - veronicc@psdschools.org.

One teacher, instructor, or coach recommendation is also needed - if you (the student) attended previously, no new recommendation is necessary.

Questions? Contact:
Lisa Crossland - 970-472-3830 - lcrossla@psdschools.org
Lynn Ann Johnson - lynnj@psdschools.org
Karen Hammann – 970-472-3863 khammann@psdschools.org

Scholarship Opportunities:

A limited number of individual scholarships for the full amount of the fee were available in the past; however, in accordance with District guidelines, that practice is being replaced with a reduced fee amount for all students who qualify for a waiver.   All students who qualify for a waiver are eligible for 50% of their fee to be waved.  This new practice allows a greater number of students to be served and provides for equitable treatment of all students who qualify.  To qualify for a waiver, students must be eligible to receive either free or reduced price meals AND a parent/guardian must have completed the District’s Permission to Share form.  For more information on free and reduced price meals and waivers, visit:  https://www.psdschools.org/student-fees-and-charges

If financial assistance is needed, third party scholarships may be available from individuals and business who might be able to help.  As we hear of groups who champion this cause, we will list the contact information here. 

Individuals and businesses who wish to offer assistance:

  • EdVentures is all about encouraging movement in the learning process. If there is physical movement used in the process of learning academic content, we want to encourage this.  Any class fitting into these parameters is great. EdVentures is offering a $100.00 scholarship in two $50.00 opportunities. Students should write a paragraph or send a video about why they want to attend Genius Week, and also be specific about the class they plan to attend. Submit your application early for prompt consideration! Email applications to karatemath@gmail.com !


As part of the half and full day registration fee, lunch will be served. We are glad to offer vegetarian meals for those who prefer it. If you have other dietary needs, please provide your own lunch. We are not able to offer a reduced tuition for lunches brought from home. Tentative menu:

  • Monday = Burritos
  • Tuesday = Chicken Sandwich/Veggie Wrap
  • Wednesday = Deli Sandwich
  • Thursday = Pizza
  • Friday = Soup

Lesher’s four previous GT Summer Institutes, now "Lesher's Genius Week", have been a great success thanks to you!

The students were terrific, the classes energizing!

Check out this link to YouTube to see pictures from Lesher’s GT Institute

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