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Late Work/Redo Form

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Google Classroom in 7th Grade

Hello parents of Lesher Middle School 7th graders. We wanted to take a moment to inform you about a great tool we are making available to your son / daughter at Lesher this year. Many teachers are using Google Classroom, a user friendly tool to access student work. There are many benefits of Google Classroom: easy access to class information, documents, assignments, grades, etc. But every teacher uses it slightly different. Please see the notes below from your son’s / daughter’s teachers to find out how they are using Google Classroom to support their curriculum.

How Teachers Use Google Classroom

7th Grade Team members

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Ms. Lisa Crossland
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Mrs. Jenna Kiesey
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Megan Simpson
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Ms. Abryana Wood
(970) 472-3877
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Mr. Matt Mitchell
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Matt Doherty
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Mrs. Jennifer Jennings
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Ms. Erica Cantu
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Ms. Veronica Carrillo LCE Family Liaison
Office (970) 472-3853
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Ms. Julie Thompson
970-472-3839 (shared line
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Mr. Eric Peitz
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Mr. Dominic Buttice
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Ms. Allison Pearse
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Mr. Ben Mayer
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Mrs. Lynn Ann Johnson
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